Pre-Season Course 2018

About Rob Kennedy – Head Coach.
Rob gained his Football Association (FA) Coaching Badge in 1991 and has a wealth of experience in youth/junior Football. In the past Rob has worked for both Manchester and Lancashire Football Associations on various coaching projects as well as coaching across the USA with the Eastern Soccer Academy. He has held coaching positions at numerous Greater Manchester professional Football clubs including Bolton Wanderers, Rochdale AFC, and Bury FC (Academies and Schools of Excellence).


Please fill out this form and make payment to :

Lifelong Leisure
Account Number 12-3494-0032611-00

1 Player    $90
2 Players $170 (same family)
3 Players $240 (same family)

After payment has been cleared another email will confirm your successful registration onto the course.

For questions email :


To celebrate, advertise and brag about this course, we would like to use photos from the course that may feature your child/player.  NB: No child name will be used (or "tagged").  As the parent, are you OK with your childs face appearing in any images? (please tick one of the tiny boxes below).

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